A reminder from pops choosing your life than following others footsteps

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Year 1 — Level M

Your job in life is to look after yourself and to find ways to get what you need — emotionally and otherwise — so that you live your best possible life, without being mired in anger and hurt over the past.

Much more a worldly than Léna, Madeleine seems somewhat dissociated from her own life; she seems to be walking through it, and her little boy, treated indifferently by his mother and made fun of by his father, is shy and scared of everything.

Frequently asked questions about First Alert and Onelink products. If you would like to speak with a representative to help answer your question, you can find our contact information here. Comparing yourself to the best parts of others will always fail as you're more aware of your own failings than theirs.

Life isn't a competition. Empowerment is to learn that leadership isn't about leading others, or following someone, but learning to lead yourself, one thing at a time, and those things coming together over the long run.

A reminder from pops choosing your life than following others footsteps
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