Beliefs culture during pre spanish period that were still observed today

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Indigenous religious beliefs of the Philippines

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10 Shocking Old-Timey Practices Filipinos Still Do Today

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Native American cultures in the United States

What are some beliefs, culture, and beliefs during pre-spanish period that are still observed today? Philippines - The Spanish period: Spanish colonial motives were not, however, strictly commercial. The Spanish at first viewed the Philippines as a stepping-stone to the riches of the East Indies (Spice Islands), but, even after the Portuguese and Dutch had foreclosed that possibility, the Spanish still maintained their presence in the archipelago.

Of course, it was no different in the Philippines during the pre-colonial and Spanish era, especially with the abundance of sharp-edged weapons and exacerbated by. Culture & lifestyle of people during spanish period 1.

A. Society Mode of Dressing Social Classes Houses B. Religion Religious Beliefs C. Economic Life Agriculture Livestock Trade D. Culture Languages Music and Dance Art. During the period of armed rebellion against Spain, a nationalized church was organized under Gregorio Aglipay, who was made "Spiritualhead of the Nation Under Arms." Spanish bishops were deposed and arrested, and church property was turned over to the Aglipayans.

In the old days, marriages were arranged. Today, Spaniards marry for mutual love and attraction to one another. In many cases in regions throughout Spain and Latin America, many people marry within their own social class. Baptisms. Baptisms are extremely important in the Spanish and Latin American culture.

Baptism typically follows Catholic rites.

Beliefs culture during pre spanish period that were still observed today
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