Demystifying the popular misconception that computers are smarter than humans

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Demystifying the common misconception that computers are smarter than humans

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5 Common Facts and Myths About Artificial Intelligence

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The Anti-Buzz: Computers Are (Not) Smarter Than Us

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Artificially intelligent computers will be smarter than people within 30 years, Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank Group, predicted.

Get. In chess and, very recently in go, computer programs have beaten champion human players. The feat is impressive and clever techniques have been used, without leading to general intelligent capability. That humans will always be smarter or more efficient than the AI systems they build is a misconception.

Artificial intelligence” (AI) has recently become something of a pop-culture catchphrase, thanks largely to pronouncements by optimistic futurists such as Ray Kurzweil and Patrick Winston, 1 who believe machines will be “smarter” than humans by the early s, when humankind will have attained the tipping point known as the “singularity,” as well.

Aug 05,  · Humans are much smarter than computers, the brain power capacity left for us to use is unbelievable! A computer with equal math facts calculation power must be huge!!! And the final reason why humans are much smarter than computers is that WE CREATED THEM!!!!!!! The popular press portrays AI as the advent of computers as smart as—or smarter than— humans.

The individual technologies, by con-trast, are getting better at performing specific tasks that only humans used to be able to do.

Demystifying artificial intelligence, and.

Demystifying the popular misconception that computers are smarter than humans
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Demystifying the common misconception that computers are smarter than humans