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Between andIslam caused West Africa to experience an increase in trade and economic activity, the rise and fall of several Islamic states and empires, and provided new practices to be blended with the traditional African culture.

In the period of and C. E Islam increased West African economics by increasing trade. The kings would then move on to Islam affected Europe’s economy greatly.

Before the Crusades, Europe’s technology was very low and simple. At the time, Islamic groups had some of the most advanced technology.4/4(10). Skills that they acquired of necessity, because of discrimination, gave them economic advantages as the economy evolved.

The second example comes from Islam’s heartland, the Middle East. Up to modern times, states governed under Islamic law denied Christians and Jews various social, political, economic, and religious rights enjoyed by Muslims.

Political Impact of Islam on Europe. Religion, as a societal concept, flows in different avenues of the society and this surely includes politics.

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The separation of the Church and State falls within this context. This proves the effect that religion has within the political dynamics of the society. Essay on Impact of Islam ASSIGNMENT NO.1 IMPACTS OF ISLAM ON INDIAN SOCIETY Group Junaid-ur-Rahman (ME) Muhammad Zaid (ME) Shamoon Tariq (ME) Section: ME (09) Submitted On: Submitted To: Sir Aijaz Athar IMPACT OF ISLAM ON INDIAN SOCIETY ARRIVAL OF ISLAM IN INDIA Muhammad bin Qasim in A.D.

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Back to categories. Arab culture research. According to the Arab culture research, As one of the world's major religion, Islam originated and developed in an Arab Culture in the year Banking is an integral part of every economy in the current world as it controls the finances and financial statuses.

Economy of islam essay
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