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Conclusion: significance of Islamic banking, remarks and a few suggestions on it. What is the significance of Islamic Banking in a post recession world?

Islamic banking is gaining popularity in emerging markets after helping some financial institutions avoid the worst of the economic abrasiverock.comc banks have been less affected than many conventional banks in the current global.

Islamic Banking Essay

Islamic banking is characterized by compliance to the Islamic laws, or Sharia. The defining characteristic is the banning of all interest-based finance, from deposits to loans, from assets buyable to all bank operations.

Oct 10,  · One of the more distinct features of the present Islamic finance market is the creation of a extensive range of product offerings, with the sector having similar parity with the tenets of conventional banking practices, regardless if these be in the area of investment banking, personal financial products or commercial banking (Tayyebi p.

This free Finance essay on Islamic banking is perfect for Finance students to use as an example. As pioneer of full-fledge Islamic banking in Malaysia, BIMB has the reputation to be preserved and any controversies of its product will bring severe impact on the image not only confine to BIMB but Malaysia as the hub of Islamic banking/5(1).

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