Logistics activities that drive total cost

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Drive Cost saving in Logistics

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Waller1 and Stanley E. The connected of measuring costs. Apr 24,  · The substitution of inventory for transportation costs by no means suggests that inventory will become a less significant factor influencing total logistics costs.

On the contrary, these hybrid strategies emphasize balancing the cost of transportation and the cost of carrying inventory, which includes interest, taxes. Managing logistics and supply chain costs is particularly important for companies engaged in international trade.

This is because these costs account for 5% to 50% of the total landed cost of the product, which includes the purchase price, freight, insurance, warehousing, customs duties, and other costs. Akidson Logistics is a total supply chain management service provider to the financial institutions and manufacturing sector of the economy.

And our surveying & inspection services to provide solution to anomalies in the downstream sector. A factor that can causes a change in the cost of an activity. An activity can have more than one cost driver attached to it.

For example, a production activity may have the following associated cost-drivers: a machine, machine operator(s), floor space occupied, power consumed, and the quantity of. Further, agricultural sector accounts for slightly over half of the total logistics market in India, owing to the extensive storage and transportation activities associated with agro products within the country.

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Start studying Supply Chain Test 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. drive down total cost b) increase sales and service c) drive the CSL/TC ratio higher Customer Service Level per Total Logistics Cost.

total cost concept Logistics activities that drive total cost
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