Stv shows better representation that fptp

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It necessarily reduces representation of the opposition parties although they remain proportionately represented within opposition (unlike FPTP/AV/AV+). The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is promoted by the Electoral Reform Society and others as a PR system for the UK.

Compare STV with DPR Voting here.

Direct Party and Representative Voting (DPR)

DPR Voting addresses both the weaknesses of FPTP, and the disadvantages of the AMS / MMP and STV systems, and so neutralises most of the arguments for keeping FPTP. STV vs FPTP STV provides proportional representation (PR) where by the percentage of votes is roughly translated into the percentage of seats.

This is fairer than first past the post. For example in the general election in the constituency of Ayr, 47% voted labour but collectively 43% didn’t vote labour. Comparing MMP & STV DOES THERE HAVE TO BE A TRADE OFF BETWEEN LOCAL REPRESENTATION & PROPORTIONALITY?

Opportunities • Local Representation Can Be Dramatically Improved: With SMDs, only about 50% of voters get local representa-tion. With multi-member districts, this can be increased.

Weaver is a lot closer to the Liberals than the NDP, and actually used to be a member of the Liberals. The only reason he didn't cut a deal with the Liberals instead of the NDP is that Premier Clark's vision of grandeur made her convince herself that she was too important to involve herself personally in the post-election negotiations with Weaver and Horgan.

We can have a better voting system than First Past the Post We need a better balance between government, the people, political parties and elected members.

Take It from an American: The Far Right Can Still Rise under Outdated Voting System

see a criticism of FPTP. Single Transferable Vote (STV) Rural–urban proportional representation .

Stv shows better representation that fptp
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