The importance of loving your neighbors

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Love Your Neighbour!

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With interaction comes time. The “Loving our Interfaith Neighbors” study-action resource for Wisconsin congregations is written with these goals in mind, but our first step on the journey is to actually get to know those of other faith traditions, which is what this resource will help you do.

In the New Testament we quickly learn the importance of love in the life of a Christian. But what does the word mean? How important is love to the Christian? At times it is against natural inclinations (i.e. - loving your enemies and neighbors).

Agape love is involved in every relationship the Christian has. Let’s start by “Loving our Neighbors”! Working within our families, our friends, and the people within our own sphere of influence is the place to begin. I am convinced if we had a world where everyone was focused on the greater good of others before themselves it would be better.

The Lord has made known how people ought to treat one another. By searching the scriptures on this subject we become more fully aware that we do have a responsibility to promote the happiness and well-being of our fellow humans.

Home › Spiritual Growth › How Do I Love My Neighbor? Jesus further expands the importance of these two commandments, saying that not only the Law but also the Prophets (meaning the whole Bible) depend on them.

We were studying” loving your neighbors” in bible study, and I came across your site.

Loving Our Neighbors

All I can say is Thank you very. Knowing and Loving Your Neighbors Air Date: August 20, From the series: The Gospel Comes with a House Key Author Rosaria Butterfield illustrates how “radically ordinary hospitality” can be a bridge for bringing the gospel to lost friends and neighbors–something she experienced herself on her own faith journey.

The importance of loving your neighbors
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Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself (Leviticus ) | Bible Commentary | Theology of Work