Topshop transactional website essay

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Topshop Case Essay

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Topshop SWOT Analysis

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Topshop is a transactional website that specifically sells merchandise like clothes, shoes and accessories. The audience intended to shop at Topshop is varied between teenagers and middle aged women around 35 years old. About Us With our unique product offering and sought-after designer collaborations, we’ve become a fashion phenomenon.

From London to LA, our stores have reached cult status as an essential destination for the style set – and we’re still expanding. TOPSHOP is an emporium of fashion, a design-led brand, and leader of trends.

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Topshop Transactional website ; How to Make Your Website Work for You ; send me this sample. Topshop is a trend setting UK-based international retailer fashion brand.

It is a much-loved brand amongst the female customers catering to womens apparels and fashion accessories. The brand is known for its cutting edge fashion at affordable price. Topshop product line ranges from Collection.

Topshop is a fashion store that has around stores in the UK, and over in international places. It was launched inand Topshop has become one of fashion’s largest success stories.

Topshop Marketing Plan

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Topshop transactional website essay
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