Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

As you think your future and career try upon your strengths, you critically begin to make more difficult choices and decisions.

SWOT Analysis

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Employee Strengths & Weaknesses

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Customer Care Strengths & Weaknesses

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Intrapersonal Intelligence.

Strengths-Based Leadership

Very few of us will have been taught the importance of developing Intrapersonal skills for the ability to reflect and monitor your own progress, thoughts and feelings, strengths and weaknesses are not encouraged in educations.

Indeed, education has its own formal tests that we must attend to. Those few who do posses Intrapersonal Intelligence have often acquired.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can be of tremendous value for your life and career. This awareness is invaluable because it will help you focus on the right things in an optimal way.

This will of course also help you make better career and life decisions moving forward. Knowing your. Jun 27,  · Good customer care encourages loyalty and makes customers want to spread the word about a company's offerings. A company's ability to provide a. Important Tips to help you answer Strengths and Weaknesses Interview Question You will be able to say a number of strengths.

But, how you turn your negatives into .

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
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