What is your name in chinese writing and meanings

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The 214 traditional kanji radicals and their variants

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A systematic, building block-style plan for mastering the most daunting aspect of learning Chinese—how to remember the meaning of more than 2. Translate your name in chinese.

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Write your name in chinese characters with pronunciation, calligraphy and meaning. English names and their corresponding Chinese names by gender and origin. Edit Article How to Learn Mandarin Chinese.

In this Article: Article Summary Mastering the Basics Advancing Your Language Skills Immersing Yourself in the Language Community Q&A Mandarin Chinese is quite a complex language to learn, especially for English speakers. Writing in the Avatar World is achieved through several means.

This is primarily through the use of brush, ink and paper; however, there are also engravings. The actual written language is in Chinese or Hanzi, with thousands of characters made up of different kinds of strokes, and is usually written.

Genealogy. Tracing your ancestors' story can help you understand your own. Explore your heritage with genealogy tutorials, database recommendations, surname meanings. Kanji are classified by their radicals (roots) or 部首.

The table shows all the kanji radicals with their meanings, positions, stroke numbers and readings.

What is your name in chinese writing and meanings
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Read and write Chinese characters - 读写汉字 - 学中文