Why is it needed that employees take morality clauses in an employment contract

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Ethical implications in contracts

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Risqué Business: Controlling Employee Conduct Through Morality Clauses

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Repayment clauses: Payback time

A morals clause is a provision in a contract or official document that prohibits certain behavior in a person's private life. They deal with behavior such as sexual acts and drug use. A promising company offers you an employment contract.

Stripped Down to the Details, Literally! Can You Invoke the Moral Clause?

If the numbers are right, shouldn’t you just skim the legalese, sign, and celebrate? Not so fast—you need to read the contract carefully, understand some employment law, and have an attorney review the relevant documents.

Regarding the Backpack page, generally speaking employee handbooks are considered part of the contract between employee and employer, so you may be able to move most of the substance of the contract into a BackPack page and supplement with a simple one or two-page written agreement.

A. Checklist For Drafting Executive Employment Agreements That Work For Employers 1. a specific term in the contract and if needed to put in such a term.

d. Describing Executive’s Duties. Commission by employee of an act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, theft.

Job contracts

An employee covered under Part IV of the Employment Act is not required under his/her contract of service to work more than 8 hours in a day or 44 hours in a week. Employers that require their staff to work over 12 hours per day are required to apply for overtime exemption from the Ministry of Manpower, according to Section 40 of the Employment.

Why is it needed that employees take morality clauses in an employment contract
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