Write a program to print your name 10 times in c

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How can I print my name ten times using a for loop?

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Go to the editor Expected in a row (separated by blank spaces), and then four times in the next row, with no separation. You should do it two times: Use Console. Write and then use {0}. Posted on July 27, July 27, Posted in Loops in C++ Tagged Define for loop, Define loop, How to print string multiple using for loopin C++, Loops in C++, Loops in C++:for Loop, Types of loop, Write a program that print your name 10 times.

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Tag: Write a program that print your name 10 times.

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How can I print my name ten times using a for loop? I can't figure out how to get the loop to run 10 times to print my name instead of a numerical value. Please help!! Thanks:) //This will print your name 10times points Submitted by Pavan Kumar.A almost 6 years ago 0 votes. permalink.

Write a program to print your name 10 times in c
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